Sunrise Dumplings (Vegan) 日出饺子

Auspicious food is a must during the celebration of Chinese New Year. Food symbolic of something good, like tangyuan (which sounds like “tuanyuan” – to reunite) and jiaozi, or dumplings (which has a visual resemblance to gold ingots, symbolizing wealth). It is therefore a common tradition among Chinese families to make jiaozi for the new year. Continue reading Sunrise Dumplings (Vegan) 日出饺子

Cinna Bon, Cinna Bon Bon (V)

The 4th of October marks the annual Cinnamon Roll Day in Sweden, known as Kanelbullens dag. As if we needed another reason to indulge in these glorious rolls…! Continue reading Cinna Bon, Cinna Bon Bon (V)