Sunrise Dumplings (Vegan) 日出饺子

Auspicious food is a must during the celebration of Chinese New Year. Food symbolic of something good, like tangyuan (which sounds like “tuanyuan” – to reunite) and jiaozi, or dumplings (which has a visual resemblance to gold ingots, symbolizing wealth). It is therefore a common tradition among Chinese families to make jiaozi for the new year. Continue reading Sunrise Dumplings (Vegan) 日出饺子

Ooh, Mami!

”It was like an exploration for the taste buds!”

A while back I had the pleasure to attend a tasting event at Ikoyi London, organized together with Umami Information Center. Doctor Kumiko Ninomiya taught us how, and where, to find umami. Continue reading Ooh, Mami!