Pan-tastic Breads and Where To Find Them

Swedish Christmas version of Japanese Melonpan – a soft bun clothed in a cookie. Continue reading Pan-tastic Breads and Where To Find Them

Too Little, Or Too Mush’room? (V)

Triple Mushroom Noodle Soup. I adore the versatility of mushrooms, and how we can utilize them in everything from soup stocks to stir-fries. So for this noodle soup recipe, I used three kinds of mushrooms, namely dried shiitake, enoki, and king oyster. Continue reading Too Little, Or Too Mush’room? (V)

Ooh, Mami!

”It was like an exploration for the taste buds!”

A while back I had the pleasure to attend a tasting event at Ikoyi London, organized together with Umami Information Center. Doctor Kumiko Ninomiya taught us how, and where, to find umami. Continue reading Ooh, Mami!

That’s hot (V)

HOT POT. The ultimate, cozy, group food/activity. If you are new to the concept of hot pot, it is basically a simmering pot of broth which is placed on a dining table, where everyone gets to partake in the process of tossing/fishing up food! Continue reading That’s hot (V)