Crème Brûlée with Sesame Brittle (Vegan)

Crunchy, nutty, sweet, and smooth – these adorable little puddings come packed with it all. Growing up, I loved munching on those thin sesame candies with a satisfying crunch. Fast-forward years later, and I decided to veganize, and combine, two of my favorite desserts. A lusciously smooth, black sesame pudding – with a caramelized sesame brittle on top Continue reading Crème Brûlée with Sesame Brittle (Vegan)

Solskens-dumplings (Veganska) 日出饺子

Lyckobådande mat är ett viktigt inslag under det kinesiska nyårsfirandet, där bland annat jiaozi, eller dumplings, hör till de klassiska rätterna. Continue reading Solskens-dumplings (Veganska) 日出饺子

Sunrise Dumplings (Vegan) 日出饺子

Auspicious food is a must during the celebration of Chinese New Year. Food symbolic of something good, like tangyuan (which sounds like “tuanyuan” – to reunite) and jiaozi, or dumplings (which has a visual resemblance to gold ingots, symbolizing wealth). It is therefore a common tradition among Chinese families to make jiaozi for the new year. Continue reading Sunrise Dumplings (Vegan) 日出饺子

Fire Ants Climbing Up A Tree (Vegan)

Ma Yi Shang Shu. A Sichuanese noodle dish, where the traditional mince mimics the look of little ants climbing up a lil’ noodle tree. Here is my plant-based take on it! Continue reading Fire Ants Climbing Up A Tree (Vegan)

Myror klättrar upp för träd (Vegansk)

Mayi Shang Shu, eller Myror klättrar upp för träd som det heter på svenska, är en traditionell nudelrätt från det kinesiska Sichuanköket. Färsen i rätten ska föreställa de små myrorna som klättrar upp för nudlarna som ska föreställa trädet. Continue reading Myror klättrar upp för träd (Vegansk)

Girl with Pearl Meatballs (V)

Zhenzhu Wanzi. The name translates into pearl meatballs, as they resemble little pearls, when they are rolled in white sticky rice. I, however, ruined this by excitedly pouring in turmeric powder. Continue reading Girl with Pearl Meatballs (V)