Ooh, Mami!

”It was like an exploration for the taste buds!”

A while back I had the pleasure to attend a tasting event at Ikoyi London, organized together with Umami Information Center. Doctor Kumiko Ninomiya taught us how, and where, to find umami. Continue reading Ooh, Mami!

I’ve Got Polenta of Food (V)

Creamy Polenta with Red-Braised Oven-Roasted Mini Bell Peppers, Mini Tomatoes, and Wood Ear Mushrooms. I made this dish in honor of Native American Heritage Day, which occurs on the same day as most people know as “Black Friday”. Continue reading I’ve Got Polenta of Food (V)

Girl with Pearl Meatballs (V)

Zhenzhu Wanzi. The name translates into pearl meatballs, as they resemble little pearls, when they are rolled in white sticky rice. I, however, ruined this by excitedly pouring in turmeric powder. Continue reading Girl with Pearl Meatballs (V)