Coca Co-la-la Chicken (V) 可乐鸡 (素)

COCA COLA CHICKEN (VEGAN). A popular dish in China, which my grandmother’s sister would make for the kids when we were younger. Continue reading Coca Co-la-la Chicken (V) 可乐鸡 (素)

That’s hot (V)

HOT POT. The ultimate, cozy, group food/activity. If you are new to the concept of hot pot, it is basically a simmering pot of broth which is placed on a dining table, where everyone gets to partake in the process of tossing/fishing up food! Continue reading That’s hot (V)

Cinna Bon, Cinna Bon Bon (V)

The 4th of October marks the annual Cinnamon Roll Day in Sweden, known as Kanelbullens dag. As if we needed another reason to indulge in these glorious rolls…! Continue reading Cinna Bon, Cinna Bon Bon (V)


Hello, you.

Welcome to Umami nom! I hope you like food, because we’re going to be seeing a lot of it here.

I am not sure how this food blog will be executed, but I aspire to inspire others to get cooking, and eating! I like to cook and bake vegan and vegetarian things, with a lot of inspiration from my upbringing, as an Asian in Scandinavia. What would you like to see on this page? I make food that I like to eat myself, but I would love to know what gets your appetite going! What are your ultimate NOMS?

Speaking of which, the name Umami nom derives from the “fifth taste”, known as “umami”. And “nom” is just for noms!

After visiting here, I hope you feel a little more inspired, and a lot more hungry!


Xixi, Umami nom